Maybe one day I'll learn to choose the right people to trust... and I hope that day is soon. Otherwise I´m just going to give up on friends. I´m going to become a loner, just trusting myself.

I don´t care if people get tired of me and decide to delete me from their social networks but I think, after listeting to all their crap, being there for them 24/7 (literally) and doing everything possible to help them..., (correct me if Im wrong) Don´t I deserve at least an explanation of why are they doing it? Come on... It was bad enough the first time someone did it to me... but at least then... I could maybe find some reason behind the decission. This time is just outrageous, offensive, rude, selfish and so so wrong! I´m really angry about it, but not sad at all. I´m not crying over someone that clearley never really cared about me! 

It amazes me how people can fake friendships for years. They get what they want when they need it and then they just dump you without even saying goodbye....  I wouldn't be so annoyed if at least they had the decency to be honest. 

I´m moving on...this time I´m not mourning for years. I´m better than all this. I´m a good friend, a good person, I give everything for everyone. (my bf even tells me off for giving so much without expecting anything in return). End off....


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