Back in the Blythe World

So.... not written in a while! (a very long while!). I have found a wonderful blog called Blythe Life. It's all about Blythe, and I really enjoy reading it. I feel I can relate to the topics posted in there and every so often there is also very interesting giveaways going on!

And this is what's made me write this post. The great giveaway going on at the moment! 

Click to read the interview!

Pablita is a Blythe dress designer and she makes the cutest little dresses. (link to her shop Made by Pablita) I specially like her choice of fabrics. I didn't know about her until I read this interview in Blythelife.com (a practise that I have now decided to do every night before going to bed)

So, there, visit the blog, follow it, love it and love Blythe! 

P.S. My life has changes sooo much in the last few months that I might start writing again!) 

My beautiful dolly family that I feel so lucky to own. 


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