Life can be rewarding sometimes. Specially when you get rid of a burden that has been bothering you for many years! Thats how I feel now... relieved and a lot lighter. A bit happier but a little worried too. I guess I was used to carrying that heavy weight... and now that it's gone .... it feels kind of weird... like something is missing.... but I really don't care :) I'll find something positive to fill up that space. it needed to be emptied!

I see life with a different colour now... I'm happy and hopeful. I think after all the suffering and the negative stuff, this could be a breaktrought! I won't have to listen to more crap, I won't have to fake smiles, or answer the phone on the most inoportune moments... and last but not least maybe I'll be able to make justice. My mum always told me that time gives everyone what they deserve... some people I know talk about karma and my motto is "everything happens for a reason". How true are all those things now? *sight*

A part of me feels stupid cause Ive taken so much for someone that never deserved it....But that's who I am, I will always help those who need me and I wont stop talking to anyone no matter how much theyve hurt me. I tried to break this "friendship" so many times, (It has been intoxicating me for far too long.... )and I've always ended up feeling sorry for the other person, so I kept pretending I actually cared. Does that make me a bad person? fake? who cares? Its finish!! Forever!!!

Anyway Im going to go and enjoy my recovered freedom. Im having yummy dinner with my bf in a few minutes :)


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