Back... For Good?

I'm back! No one cares cause no one follows me, but I suppose this is kind of therapeutic in a way, so there. I'm Back :)

So... since the last time I posted anything... it's been more than a year!!! So many things have changed! Now I rent my own mega tiny flat (not complaining here, less space = less to clean!), I'm looking for a job and i started volunteering for a charity shop (which is great I may add!!!).

The last few weeks I've started to feel the pressure of independance. I've always liked having my own space and I hate crowded places and sharing the place where I live.  I love being alone, living under my own rules; However after nearly a year of living alone... I feel I need friends. Going out every now and then, having phone calls just to talk about everything and nothing, planning sleepovers... you know, just some sort of social life... I do go out on the weekens with my bf, but during the week I spend most of the time on my own, doing virtually nothing (and that can be REALLY tiring, believe me!). So I think all these lack of social life is starting to get me down. I try to make plans, spice things up... but... I'm so bored, tired, and lonely that I can't even be bothered to try sometimes!

Apart from that... mmm I don't know. I want a dog! I even have the name chosen and everything! All I need is a job and a landlord that allows me to have pets and I'll be sorted. While I wait for this to happen, I´m trying to find any rescue shelter to volunteer helping to look after the dogs and cats...anyone knows anyway to get in contact with this sort of places?

Oh! I almost forgot... I had quite a funny dream last night apparently... all I can remember is waking up laughing like crazy and a vague chat with my sister where she said something like "Imagine, you fighting about sheep, and saying: my sheep is dead! Im bald! (meaning, Im a widow :P)"

And after this crazy random sillyness m off for today. i´ll try and keep up... if I don´t feel too lazy!


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