I promised I was going to write more often and I have to stick to it!

Today was BORING. In fact, if you go to your dictionary, and look for the definition of boring, a detailed description of my day is going to be there. FOR REAL!!!! Go and have a look if you dont believe me!

I had my 4th week doing nail art... What a joy! (notice sarcasm here) This pictures are a sample of what we are doing. They are actually a sample of what I have done. Please, take into account its the first time I do any kind of nail art and Im a really bad artist anyway.

1rst Week: 4 Different designs on some round acrylic tips :P

2nd week: 3 new designs, again in acrylic tips, this time square ones

3rd week: One of the designs, modified, applied to a "model"

Next week Ill have some more designs, I acept ideas! (and models if anyone dare to have their nails done by me :P)

And I think that's going to be all for today :) I hope I have some weird dreams tonight so I can narrate them on here tomorrow!


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