Here I go again... screaming out your name.... (8)

Life is borinnngggg

I spend my days entering any kind of competitions to win some money! and the time I have left from doing this, I spend it making plans on the wisest ways to spend the money if I win :P

*Plan A: buying a house! Any kind of house will do, as I want to rent it out to have a monthly income even if I cant find a proper job. Then if I have some money left Id be sending it to my mum and sister in Spain

*Plan B: (you always need a plan B in life...) with a smaller amount of money.... I would save most of it to move out in September and I would spend about 200 pounds in going home a few days to visit family and friends.

What would you do if you won a big money prize? Its actually quite hard to decide if you think about it.

I usually don't know if I believe in a God or not... too many questions without an answer... but thats another subject. Anyway, even not being a believer, Im seriously thinking I should pray for money.... Some people I know say it works.... and its free... so it might be worth a try! Any opinions??

Im frustrated cause I don't know if there is anyone out there actually reading my blog, so if there is... please could you drop a comment? even if its just one or two words... at least I would know Im not a crazy woman writting for herself! (in addition to talking to herself + singing to herself + talking or singing for anyone close in her sleep)


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