Here I go again!

It's been a while since my last blog, I suppose I'm too busy (or lazy) to write every day :P

This time I'm hoping to be back for good, I'm willing to write if not every day at least every two, see if I can keep this alive!

These last few weeks have been a mix of sweet and sour for me. Things at "work" as not as good as they should be... but I´ll get over it... after all... work just lasts 5 days a week! 5 days or complaints and negative comments... but Im strong, and at least I have the weekends to look forward to!!

An then the weekends come... happy times! It's all smiles, laughs, fun and relax! My latest weekend adventure happened last weekend, when I went fishing to Lancaster with this very strange man (aka bf :P) . The day looked really nice and warm, fish were biting nicely... everything seemed perfect....

But all of the sudden, the lake got really angry, it thought we werent being fair to the poor fishy so it made the sky go dark and the rain started pouring on us! So we ran for cover to this little charming "house". We got there, and the glass on the door had been broken, spider webs hung all over the place. We decided to better stay under cover but outside the freaky place!. I thought I was safe then...How wrong was I? big spiders were hanging everywhere, trying to attack us! And that it's just the nice bit! There was a poor bee trapped on a spiderweb, house of the biggest spider in the UK!!! The mean spider tried to kill the bee, and then went off to rest, so the Strange Man offered to rescue the poor thing and he did!!! We saved the bee, so the lake decided we werent so bad after all and stopped the rain a bit so I could run to the car while the Man stayed fishing.

And that more or less was the end of our little adventure. Quite entertaining (and spooky)

In other subjects, I got an inseperate present.... lots of clothes!!! So now my weeks are even harder trying to decide what to wear at the weekends! How hard is a girl's life? And on top of that... now I have to match my outfits with my 2 new pair of glasses!! ufff

Anyway, enough nonsense for the day

Im happy to be able to talk with some persons I haven't seen for quite a while, and I'm sad cause there's just one person I would love to speak to again, even if it's just one time, and still after more than a year, I can't get used to it!!! :(


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