So, here I am, writting my first blog and I dont even know what to write about :/

Ill talk a bit about myself, Im 26 years old, from Spain but destiny has decided to put me in Manchester after a few moves and a lot of experiences. My life has changed completley in the last few months and I hope it will change even more. But to make changes happen, I need to start changing myself, and this blog is going to help.

Im really crazy, I usually have nightmares and very weird dreams,(that I always remember), Im not the most confident person in the world, I believe in destiny and I can be really funny sometimes. Oh! and I make lists for everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, lists are cool!!

Ill probably be writting here about my dreams, as they're usually quite interesting and funny. Unfortunatley, I didnt have any of those last night so Ill make a lovely list with the things that happen in them more often.

  1. I fly. I know, everyone dreams about flying... but does any of you fly the same way you swim? I mean, literally, moving legs and arms like if I were in a swimming pool. It might sound weird but its actually very cool!
  2. I have magic powers. Like Harry Potter but without the wand :P I just need to say out loud whatver I want to happen and It just does. Its easy! For instance, if I want the house to have a protective shield to keep me away from danger I would just say "Put a protective shield around the house" and ta-da!, the shield is there :) You should try one day.
  3. My Ex-Best Friend and I have terrible fights. You wouldnt want to know more details... it can get really dirty.
  4. My Ex-Best Friend is actually my best friend again, she acts like nothing happened and everyone is happy. Yeah, right, cause the real world works that way.

And thats about it. Actually, reading this list might explain why I wake up a hundred times during the night and sometimes I even scream and cry.

Im weird.

Anyway, enjoy your life and if you get bored, come back to my blog. You might find something funny to amuse you for a few minutes


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